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The Homeless Man

I came to Denny’s to work on some coursework that I’m behind on.  I stood at the front waiting to be seated for about five minutes. I was finally seated by the kitchen area but not asked if I wanted anything to drink, the normal protocol for going to a diner. I was slightly irritated, it began to grow as time continued on.  I ended up pulling my computer out to begin work until I was addressed, then a cop comes in.  He began to speak to the manager about a man that he was wondering would be taken in until another officer or someone came to transport him.  He was a homeless man that had been beaten earlier in the day, for what reason I do not know, the officer kept telling her how sweet this guy was and they wanted him to be able to sit in here even though he had no money.  She agreed and they placed him near the front door.  When I was finally waited on, I told her to prepare a to go plate for him knowing his receiving officer would be there soon to take him somewhere.  I then watched as three others offered, and began to laugh.  When the manager finally returned with my coffee I told her how I saw the generosity of the others.  She then informed me that none of us will be buying him anything. With that I had a look of shock on my face to which she responded because she would be paying for it. 

Some people do still care about others.

I <3s my brother.

I <3s my brother.

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I was overly hopeful that you would be one of the few good things in my life.

Didn&#8217;t know you could have pet bears in other apartment complexes&#8230;.

Didn’t know you could have pet bears in other apartment complexes….

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